Monday, September 15, 2008

Birthday Fun

Considering we have moved and know know many people here in town, Caleb's birthday was no disappointment. Dave, Jami, and Cam came for a long weekend to help Caleb celebrate the big 0-4. They arrived late at night, so all kids were super-thrilled the next morning when they had the surprise of waking up to see each other. It was beyond fun to see them all and the kids had a blast! Caleb's second day of school was on his birthday, so he was excited to take Cam to his new school to show it off. We were able to play outside a bit, though it rained for most of the weekend :-( We were really hoping to show them some of our favorite spots -- maybe next time. Caleb's birthday party was on Saturday. Along with Grandpa Popa and Grandma Pat, I (Stef) have some family in the area and they were able to come to the party as well. Grandma Jan and Grandpa Dan drove up, as did Grandma and Grandpa Gray. Unfortunately, all Grays had to return home after the party, but we were able to spend the rest of the weekend with GJ and GD. The kids really enjoyed having all of their family around. Again, weather and runny noses (due to playing baseball in the rain) kept us from enjoying the sites, but we were able to tackle Red Robin and Target with Grandma and Grandpa -- always favorites! It was a long, busy week full of memories -- a wonderful way to spend a birthday.

Testing out his new cleats

...and swords

His new Cubs hat from Uncle Dave

Addie enjoying her cake

Testing out the new toys in the rain

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Day of School!!

Last Thursday Caleb and I were able to go to new school for an open-house. He was able to see his classroom, check out the toys, and meet his teachers. This was really good for me so that I could see him in his new environment. The only concern I had, however, was that Caleb really-really thinks that the world is his stage. I know most 3 year olds are egocentric, but Caleb is a little over the top. For example, he was convinced that all of the other children were there simply for him to choose who to play with. Each child's mother was a "teacher" and Caleb referred to them as such. At one point he brought a book over to one of the moms and said, "Excuse me, Teacher...would you please read me this book?" I was quite surprised when she said, "Sure!" and they sat down on the floor together while I stood over them quite awkwardly. Later he was building with some blocks and, without any warning, turned around and shouted -- and I mean SHOUTED -- "EXCUSE ME! EVERYONE!! EVERYONE? LOOK WHAT I DID! STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING! DO YOU HEAR ME?" So needless to say I'm a little worried about his adjustment (for many other reasons as well) to his preschool class and the rules involved.
Now today the day has come (and only came faster due to our own choice) that my first baby has headed off to school! Today was Caleb's first day at Ada Christian School - an awesome school 3 minutes from our house that hosts kids pre-k through 8th grade. Caleb was super-excited for his first day. Geared with his new Lightning McQueen backpack, we headed off extra early. I had a sitter for the girls so I could enjoy the moment (and take a few extra to cry in the car without questions). Separation definitely will not be a problem for Caleb, and he proved this by dashing ahead of me as soon as he hit the pavement after we parked our car at school. He was kind enough to hold my hand as we entered the building, but literally sprinted away from me, waving behind himself, as he ran to his classroom. He greeted his teacher, "Hi Mrs. Gormley!!" and attempted to give her a high-five -- typical 3 year old behavior, I'm sure. He found his locker (yep, 3 year olds have lockers nowadays) and stuffed his giant backpack inside. I gave him a hug and a kiss and he bolted into the room to play with the cars.
I must have said goodbye to him four times, just standing at the door, unable to walk away. I was so proud of him for being so brave and excited, but was also in disbelief that this journey for him has snuck up on us so quickly.
When I picked him up he ran to me and gave me a giant hug. He said, "Mommy! I missed you!!" which just melted my heart. All of my sadness was replaced with pride at what a wonderful little boy we have.

...And then he told me about his day...

Let's just say we may need some prayers over here.

...but he had fun.

Caleb's School

Playground at the school

All of my babies on the first day of school

Joe Cool

Just a tad excited...

This picture makes me tear up a bit

Checking out his locker

His "friend" Alexander. I'm not quite sure if the feeling is mutual, yet.

Trains ... 'nuf said.