Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yay, More Friends

This weekend was the arrival of the Yarhams! Mr. Brian, Miss Mandi, Katie, Emily and Joey came to our house Friday night and stayed for the whole weekend! The kids were beyond excited to have their "Ohio Friends" come and sleepover at their house! The weekend was packed full of fun as we tried to enjoy the last days of summer. Friday night Caleb and Addie sat in the dark, waving flashlights down the road to show them the way to our house. Saturday we were able to show them Millenium Park and had a great time splashing in the water and playing in the Splash Pad. The kids spent practically the entire weekend outside, which was a really nice treat for everyone. On Sunday Caleb was able to show his friends where he'll be going to school. The playground there is the best and Caleb mastered the monkey bars there for the first time! After the playground we headed to Sundaes at that Cottage (or "Sundays at the College" as Caleb calls it) to enjoy one of our last ice cream treats with our friends before they headed for home.
It was so nice to have the company and really made us miss home. But now it's time to start gearing up for school and all of the fun activities that come with it. Here are some pictures of our busy weekend!

Caleb and Addie waiting for our friends (they're headlights can be seen WAAYYY in the distance)

Emily, Katie, and Caleb decorating cupcakes

Brian and Matt fighting off wasps

Avery, Mandi, and Joey

Caleb spooning Mr. Brian

Caleb and Katie playing their version of corn-hole

The Gang
Joey, Katie, Brian, Emily, Addie, Caleb, Matt, Avery

Caleb on the monkey bars

Enjoying icecream

Joey drinking his icecream


Avery signing "more" after her first bite of icecream

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