Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Visit to Ohio

This weekend I decided relatively last minute to take the kids to Ohio for a marathon weekend of friends and family. We arrived Friday, earlier than first planned, to join their old playgroup for a pool party. I didn't tell the kids where we were going or who we were going to see, nor did I tell our friends that we were coming in to join them. It was a great surprise and super-fun! That night we spent some long-overdue time with Dave, Jami, and Cam Man. It's hilarious to see the kids together. They get so excited to see each other and spent most of their time together jumping up and down and trying to wrestle with each other. Saturday we spent the day with Grandma Jan. She had a great idea to take the kids to Lake Farm Park in Kirtland. The kids were a little apprehensive at first (specifically Caleb), but really enjoyed themselves once they got outside and were able to touch the animals. Addie keeps talking about the goat she was able to pet. Caleb was just impressed by the miniature train track they had set up in one of the buildings. Saturday night my mom surprised Jami and I by getting us tickets to see "Mama Mia" -- it was so fun going to a movie with just the girls! The kids spent some time with my dad since he had to work the rest of our visit. Sunday the kids and I went to church and were supposed to spend the rest of the day at a shower and then a graduation party. We only made it through half of our events before we crashed for the night -- those poor kids had been going non-stop. I was able to wake them only long enough for dinner before they conked out again for the night. It was a long day but nice to feel like we could still be apart of some special events. Monday was a very fun day spending time with some more friends. We had a special play group with about 12 of their little friends at one of our favorite parks, then headed back to Grandma's for naps before small group in the evening. We headed back for home the next day, but not without meeting a couple more of their friends at a park on the way back to Michigan.
It was most definitely a whirlwind trip, but so nice to get to see (almost!) everyone. It's looking like we may not make it back until December, so we'll try to stretch that trip out so we can breathe a little bit and actually spend some quality time with family. I'm sure my mom felt like she was a Bed and Breakfast. I kept forgetting my camera, but did take lots of pictures at the farm with Grandma Jan. The kids did get a kick out of pretty much everything -- except the cow milking ... I don't blame them.