Monday, August 25, 2008

Poop Party

So on Sunday, the 17th, Addie decided that she was done with her diapers. This was a wonderful surprise, since we originally figured she would probably be in diapers until she was 7. For months she has showed signs of readiness: going off to do her duty (more appropriately, "doody"), telling me when she was wet or dirty, later telling me before she was wet or dirty, and most recently actually bringing me a new diaper when she needed to be changed.
All of this was wonderful except for the fact that the mere mention of the potty sent her into hysterics followed by shrill screams of terror.

...So...we left it alone.

Out of nowhere, however, she woke up Sunday morning, took off her diaper, and announced that she needed her potty. Never, in the past week, has she had an accident. I'm amazed that she seems to know just what she's doing -- it also helps that she can hold her #1 for 8 hours!.

Now #2 has definitely posed a problem. I have to be careful how much I share and need to remind myself that one day she'll be 12 and not appreciative of how much of her "problems" I have shared with the masses.

Let's just say that she learned very quickly to use it as a weapon - not literally, thank goodness. Like many kids, the thought of #2 frightened her, so she would just hold it ... and hold it ... and hold it. Well, of course holding it just makes it worse, which leads to more fear of #2 on the potty, etc. Long, too-much-detail story later, the night came when we finally were able to coax her onto the potty. We were all so excited that we threw her a Poop Party -- complete with her own choice of party treat (chocolate Tofuti with marshmallows and M&Ms, and Doritos -- yes, I know...) and hat. She wore this hat proudly for two days and even begged to take it to some of the neighbors who played along quite nicely. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment (don't worry, Matt wouldn't let me take one of the actual deed):