Monday, July 14, 2008

Fourth Of July

This Fourth of July weekend was a weekend of firsts for our family. We were shocked and thrilled to learn that Matt had the entire weekend off, including the holiday! Caleb has never been one for the unknown (or loud noises) so we have never been able to enjoy any of the Fourth of July celebrations until this year when Caleb expressed an interest in the weekends events. Fireworks were held here on Thursday night. We were able to see them from Caleb's school which thrilled him because (as he describes it) "the fireworks were shooting from my school's roof!" Caleb and Addie enjoyed the show from their lawn chairs (courtesy of Grandma Jan!), munching on popcorn and marshmallows (their choice) the whole time. They sat side by side, looking so cute, exclaiming, "That was a big one!" after each firework exploded in the sky. They both really enjoyed their time, although Caleb was slightly distracted by the six school buses lined up in the parking lot as he tried to determine which one he would ride when he turned six.
The next day we headed into town to see the parade. The kids did a good job and had fun waving to the cars and collecting their candy. Next year we're going to work on staying in one spot and waiting for the candy to come to them instead of them running 30 feet behind the parade to try to get the candy thrown 10 seconds earlier, only to be too late to collect that candy and then missing out on the candy thrown directly where their feet had been prior to them getting impatient (anyone follow that??). Regardless we had a fun time :-) There was a free carnival that was held at the library near the parade route which we were able to take advantage of for a bit of time. Addie was able to ride a horse which she was very excited about! Mommy wasn't as excited after being sneezed on twice by said horse.
After naps we had a cookout at the house of one of the residents (think JD and Turk) Matt works with. It was nice to meet some people and the kids had a lot of fun playing. There are lots of other little kids in the program. Caleb is actually the oldest of all of the residents' kids (go family planning!), but all of their birthdays are merely months apart all the way down to newborns. From what I can gather there are probably about 15 Ortho kids.
The next day we had a get-together at the house of one of the Attendings (think Dr. Cox) on Reeds Lake. This was a very fun day! The kids had a blast playing with the other kids
there (he has six kids 4 and under - triplets in the mix). The yard was great with room for baseball, a giant swingset, kiddie pools, and of course the lake. The kids had a blast wading through the water and playing with their little boats while the Daddies played on the big boats. Apparently Matt lost his trunks while tubing -- he managed to hold onto them with one hand and get them back to their proper position at some point so he did not have to attend the rest of the function bottomless.
It was a busy weekend, with many hours also spent in the basement, but it was a welcome treat to have the time with Matt.

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