Saturday, July 19, 2008


I know we've mentioned this to a couple of you before, but Matt and I joke that, had we known how Michigan would affect our children, we would have moved a long time ago! Of course moving three small children away from everything familiar can pretty much guarantee some regression and hard times, but we have truly been blessed. We joke that we are on the island of LOST, where the lame are healed and baffling things occur on a regular basis. Heck, with our wildlife encounters we really feel like Jack and Kate! But in all seriousness, we know that our friends and family have been praying for our little children and, we are in constant awe at how good God is.

Big and small, God has been easing our children through situations that I had about given up on. Caleb, who does not handle transitions well at all, has had about the smoothest adjustment of any of us! This little guy who hadn't made it through a week of Sunday School without a problem in the past nine months has been having a blast at his new church. Each week we hear what a "Great Job" Caleb has done and how much fun he had dancing and doing the crafts with his peers (group cooperation has not been his strong-suit in the past). He has been a wonderful help to Mommy, extremely compliant and eager to help his sisters. One of the most surprising changes in Caleb is his sleeping. Without exception this child hasn't slept through the night since he was two years old. Michigan air seems to do him good, because he hasn't woken up at night once since we moved here!! The same goes for all of the kids!
Addie continues to be our middle-of-the-road kid :-) She's definitely turned two, but is much easier to redirect than her brother ever was. She, too, has adjusted beautifully, sleeping great and really enjoying her new house and neighbor friends (mind you, they're in their 40's and 60's). She's contemplating the potty and I think we'll try it out more regularly over the next couple of weeks. Addie LOVES her Sunday School class and has been trying out a more "motherly" role with Avery, as I keep catching her trying to feed her chicken nuggets or pick her up to move her someplace new.
And Avery!! My, my has she changed! When we left Ohio the pediatrician had been watching her because she wasn't figuring out how to eat from a spoon like she should have. Just within the past couple of weeks, though, she figured it out and (I would think) is right where she should be with regards to baby food and self-feeding. The biggest change with Avery is that my once easy baby is now, at times, my biggest challenge! Her temperament remains angelic, but she is a little monkey! Avery started to crawl June 25th -- 7 and a half months old -- fairly average, I believe. Just as we were adjusting to having a crawling baby around, though, she surprised us and decided that crawling wasn't enough for her. I found her just this week standing up and cruising around her crib! She now can't sit still and is into everything possible, constantly pulling, climbing, and cruising around -- I wasn't quite ready for that :-)
All to say, the kids are doing great. They're still kids and we still have our days, but we have been truly blessed with how smoothly this transition time has been going. We appreciate everyone's prayers and (of course) welcome more!