Sunday, July 20, 2008


Well it's finally done! Matt and his Dad have been working very hard morning, day, and late into the night, but it's finally done. Several people have been asking for picture of the basement, so I thought I would put them on this post. We don't have pictures from the very beginning, but just picture a big concrete box. The finished project resulted in a big main room - toyroom now, family room in a couple of years - 3 big storage closets for me, an office/guestroom in the back, and a soon-to-be-finished full bathroom. The bathroom will probably be finished in the winter or next summer (depending on the tax refund :-)) Right now the walls are painted and carpet is in, but the closet doors, main doors, and trim still need to be added. As far as I'm concerned, though, it's done!

Stage 1: Demolition

Stage 2: Framing

I missed several steps, but here
it is with the drywall up and the
mudding done.

The kids had fun "painting"
with the primer.